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Three Thormahlen harps

At Thormahlen Harps
our emphasis is on quality and personal service. We make the finest and most elegant lever harps available. We offer 5
models to suit the needs of the player, including the beginning student, the therapeutic musician, the Irish player, the teacher and the professional entertainer. All of our harps have 34-36 strings because that's what we think is the optimum range of a lever harp. You will find a warm, well defined bass and a brilliant, clear treble that will encourage your playing and enhance your sound. After you wander through the pages of our website*, please call us to discuss what you would like in a harp. We look forward to hearing from you.

*Look for this sign at the bottom of each page of our website and it will take you on a tour that will get you through the main pages of our website. There are several side trips along the way that will give you even more information on a variety of topics. After checking out this home page, we recommend starting your tour by going to the models page.

Here's what one customer said before she ordered her harp:
"I want to take a moment to thank you for taking the time to answer questions and to provide referrals. I know you sell a lot of harps and it would be easy to blow off dithering potential clients, of which I'm admittedly one. We consumers often complain when things go wrong but forget to express our appreciation for good customer service. I truly appreciate the kindness and patience you've shown, and you can bet I'll factor that into my decison making."

Maeve Gilchrist's New Ceili in Concert

To see her play this harp, check out these videos:

Maeve and Jean Rohe


Watermelon Wednesdays

20 Chandler Street


See Dave's Mandolins and Guitars




This video is an 8 minute Oregon Public Broadcasting Art Beat program about Thormahlen Harps with interviews of Dave and Sharon, and footage of them working in the shop.
We also have videos where you can listen to a variety of harps and woods, hear some of our customers talk about their Thormahlen Harp experience and see a fun music video. The Ceili was not yet conceived when this video was done, and we are sorry that it is not included.
You can See All of Our videos online or if you'd rather watch them on your television with your family and friends, please call or email us for a free DVD.

What's New at Thormahlen Harps?

We have made over 1300 instruments!!!!!

Here's a new chart for comparing details of all of our harp models

The Black Swan Harp

New interview appearing in a local paper

Hey guess what!?! We just made a CD of 15 of our favorite performance tunes. It's called "Live From the Harp Shop," because it is! We did it in 2 sessions over the weekend, some with only 1 take. Check it out:

Live From the Harp Shop

more about their performances

We will be at the Ohio Harp Gathering May 15-17 performing on Sunday and doing workshops during the weekend. We will also have a Thormahlen Harps Booth where you can peruse the books, play harps, and see some fun things to take home with you. For more information about the gathering, go to the website at: http://www.harpgathering.com

We now have a NEW FEET option for the Swan. These feet are at least a pound lighter and are more stable than the old feet.

a book of Sharon's most recent original compositions
Moon Over the Mountain

See what inspired these tunes


Cabin Fever for Two
a book of harp duets by Sharon and her
cousin (in-law) Anna Thormahlen Jenkins.

New Touch Up Pens for dings and scratches on your harp
Demonstration video http://youtu.be/-cHrbUyoJV4

With a Thormahlen Harp, winning happens!

Annalee Foster, from Oregon, won the 2010 All-Ireland Harp Championship playing her Koa Ceili-Mor. There is an interview in the Winter 2010 Folk Harp Journal that you can read here.

Check out Dave and Sharon's music scene: thorharpdotcombo

Want to see our Harp #1 from 1983? Check it out here!

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