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Harp Jewels

(Abalone Inlay for your harp and prices)

Updated February 19, 2019

See the process of inlaying pearl

See some Completed Inlaid harps

If you're planning to get a stained Serenade or Ceili, please choose your inlay from this page.

Our newest inlay design features the Thormahlen T logo

2" x 1 3/4" Price $300

***This inlay can be used on a Stained Serenade


The Oval Blue Heron in Mother of Pearl or the Oval White Heron in Paua Shell:

3" x 1 3/4 " Price: $350

***This inlay can be used on a Stained Serenade

Each one is unique.  

About the Blue Heron

On the left an Oval Heron on a Cherry Cygnet; in the center, a combination of 2 Single Vines and an Oval Heron on a Cherry Swan ($1200) and on the right, another creative variation of the Oval Heron and a lotus inlay on a Walnut Swan ($600).

Oval Blue Heron on a Black Pearl Ceili (This harp belongs to Maeve Gilchrist)


The Rose Inlays:

The Oval Rose is 3" x 1 1/4" and comes in pink, yellow and white as seen below. Price: $250

The Single Rose is 2 1/2" x 1" and comes in pink, yellow and white. Price: $350

The Double Roses is 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" and comes in pink, yellow and white. Price: $350

The Tall 2 Roses is 4" x 1 1/2" and comes in pink, yellow, white and paua. Price $600

***All but the Tall 2 Roses can be used on a Stained Serenade or Ceili


The Oval Rose, The Rose and The Double Roses

The Tall 2 Roses

Oval Rose a Maple Cygnet and and Double Roses on a Koa Cygnet.


The Celtic Inlays:

The Celtic Trinity is 1 1/2" wide and 1 1/4" high and comes in white or paua. Price: $200 ***This inlay can be used on a Stained Serenade

The Claddagh is 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" and comes in gold and paua (other combinations possible). Price: $550

The Celtic Horse is 2 1/2" x 1 1/2 and comes in white/paua/gold and other options as well. Price: $650 (in oval: $350 ***The oval Celtic Horse can be used on a Stained Serenade or Ceili)

The Celtic Trinity ($200)


BRAND NEW: The Claddagh ($550)

The Claddagh features two hands clasping, a heart, and a crown which correspond to the qualities of love (the heart), friendship (the hands), and loyalty (the crown).

On the right is a Cherry Swan with the Claddagh on the pillar. The Cherry will darken and then it will be even more beautiful!

The Celtic Horse ($650, $350 in oval)

The Celtic Horse (without the oval) on Bubinga and Walnut Cygnets


The Single Vine Inlay is 5 1/2" x 1 3/8" as a single Price: $500

The Double Vine Inlay is 11" tall. Price: $900 for double,

The Triple Vine Inlay is 15" tal with a side sqiggle (see below). Price: $1400

Single Vine inlay on the side of a blond Serenade and on the front of a Walnut Swan.

The Vine Inlay doubled on a Mahogany Cygnet

and tripled on an Amber Ceili with a "squiggle on the side."

Here's a clever combination of the Double Vine and the Oval Blue Heron ($1200)

The S Jewel is about 5" x 2" and would look great on the side of a Cygnet or Swan pillar (as seen below) or on the front of a Swan T-brace.

Price: $750

The S Jewel inlaid on a Koa Cygnet


Filagree Vine (8 1/2 inches)

The Single Filagree Vine, Price: $800

The Double Filagree Vine. Price: $1500

The photo on the left is a single long vine and the harp pillar shows a double long vine.

The Dogwood Vine Inlay is 11 1/2 x1 3/8 inches and comes in white, paua and mixed. Price: $1150

The photo on the right is a Koa Clare harp with the multi-colored Dogwood Vine down the front of the pillar, On the left is a Rosewood Swan with the same inlay. In the center you can see the 3 inlay possibilities for this inlay: all white Mother of Pearl, multi-colored combination of white MOP, Gold Pearl and Abalone, and all Paua Abalone.

The Rosebud Vine is 15 1/2" x 2" and comes in pink, yellow and white. Price: $1700

The Rosebud inlay comes in pink, white and yellow and is beautiful on the front pillar of a Swan.


The Ring Vine inlay is 18" and comes in white and paua. There is a little ring about 3/5 of the way down that would be a good place to split the design.

Price: $1850 to do the whole inlay, $1200 for top 3/5 or $800 for the bottom 2/5.

The Ring Vine on this harp was split between the front pillar T-brace and the inside pillar section. See it close up


The Tree Of Life inlay is about 24" x 2" and comes in white, paua or mixed. You can see pieces of this inlay close up on the "inlay process" page.

Price: $2000

On the left is Tree of Life (Paua Pearl) on the T-brace of our 2004 Koa Deluxe Swan. On the right is the Paua Pearl Tree of Life on a Koa Swan and a White mother of pearl vine with Paua leaves and flowers on a Walnut Swan.


Oh and don't forget the inlay around the Soundboard. The abalone inlay is sandwiched between black/white/black perfeling and mitered at each corner.

Price: $1000

Pearl Inlay around Koa Swans (spruce on the left, cedar on the right). The pearl is much more colorful than what I can capture in photographs.

On the left, below, is inlay around a spruce veneered soundboard, in the middle is inlay around a cedar veneered soundboard and on the right is inlay around a Rosewood veneered soundboard.

This Black Serenade has pearl inlay around the soundboard with Rosewood and Maple trim.

See more of the BLACK PEARL





Don't worry too much about the coloring of the pearl pieces that you see in the photos, It is all beautiful.

T Logo $300

The Oval Blue Heron $350

The Rose Jewels: Oval Rose: $250, Single and Double Roses: $350, Tall Rose: $600

The Celtic Trinity: $200, The Cladagh: $550, The Celtic Horse: $650 Ova Celtic Horsel: $350

The Vine single: $500 or double: $900, triple with a side squiggle: $1400

The S Jewel $750

Filagree vine. single: $800, double: $1500

Dogwood Vine. Single: $1150, double: $2000

Rosebud Inlay $1700

The Ring Vine $1850 in it's entirty or $1200 top, $800 bottom

The Tree of Life $2000

Soundboard Inlay $1000


Some of the inlays have some restrictions as to the kind of wood that it can be inlaid into. Light colored woods like Maple are more difficult to inlay intricate designs. A stained harp must have something very simple like the Oval Rose or Heron. Please contact us if you want to talk about the inlay and the harp you would like.



See the process of inlaying pearl

See some Completed Inlaid harps.

or go to the In Stock page

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