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2017 Price List Updated March 20, 2019

Please call us about our building schedule. You don't have to have your harp totally designed before putting in your order. If you know you're going to order one, I recommend getting on our schedule and we'll help you figure out exactly what you want.

  Harp Model


Extra String Set

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  The SWAN   *
  with Nylon $6395 $200
  with Lever Gut $6695 $350
  with Concert Gut $6795 $450
  with Fluorocarbon $6795 $480
  The CLARE    
  with Nylon $6295 $200
  with Lever Gut $6595 $350
  with Concert Gut $6695 $450
  with Fluorocarbon $6695 $480
  The CYGNET    
  with Nylon $6295 $200
  with Lever Gut $6595 $350
  with Concert Gut $6695 $450
  with Fluorocarbon $6695 $480
  The CEILI    
  with Nylon $3995 $200
  with Lever Gut $4295 $350
  with Fluorocarbon $4395 $480
  The SERENADE    
  with Nylon strings $3995 $200
  with Lever Gut $4295 $350
  with Fluorocarbon $4395 $480
  Exotic Rosewoods, Bubinga add $500 add $100 minimum to pick the set
  Koa wood add $800  
  Shipping to 46 states $500  
  Shipping to Canada, Maine, Alaska, Hawaii, Florida $550  
        * For the complete pricing on individual strings, see the bottom of the "strings" page.

Pearl Inlay around soundboard.


See inlay




Prices vary




on a spruce soundboard

inlay process and pillar inlay options and prices

on a cedar soundboard

Also see THE BLACK PEARL Serenade or Ceili

  K&K Harp Pickup $125 free installation  


  K&K Harp pickup system inlcudes pre-amp and pick up. chords not included. $225 free installation  
  Harp lights: lights, battery pack with battery and on & off switch $250  
  Harp Stand $200  


Korg Tuner CA-1



$35 with tuner pick up as seen below

The CA-1 has a needle gauge and 3 LED lights: one for flat, one for right on and one for sharp. The needle displays how far off you are. There is a text display of what note you are playing. It shows them as C C# D Eb E F F# G G# A Bb B. There is a pull out bracket on the back that allows the tuner to stand upright. It comes with 2 triple A batteries.


  Tuner Mic Clip pick up (tuner pick up-direct in for you tuner) $15  
Matrix MPU-2 mic clipAbout tuning
  Shoulder Pad for your case strap $15

Harp and Loveland Lever Tools (from left to right)

A. Needle nose pliers $10

B & C. Loveland Lever Tool Kit including box end wrench (B), ball-end L wrench (C), wooden block (not shown) and instructions. $10


Camac Lever Tools

Regulating Camac Lever



$60 for Set A with Hexoganal bridge pins instructions (4 tools)

$25 for Set B with the newer bridge pins set (starting in 2011). (3 tools). No picture of this set.

$15 for Truitts which includes a wooden block and a torx hand driver like the red one in the Camac set but a different size. No picture of this set.

         Set A $60                          Set B $25

  Extra Tuning Key $20 (comes with harp purchase)  
  Music Books $15-30  

Books and Cds can be ordered through Paypal. Please see the music page for paypal ordering.

  Audio CDs $5  


The CDs play exactly what is on the page in each book. It is an mp3 played on the harp setting of my computer music program. They are a great learning tool that you can play along with or just listen to in order to gain more familiarity with the tune. It can also help you decide which tunes you want to learn.


There will be shipping charges added for items needing to be mailed or shipped.

* For the complete pricing on individual strings, see the bottom of the "strings" page.

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