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Endorsements: Here's what they're saying about the Thormahlen Cygnet .

Endorsements for  Swans,  SerenadesCeili and Clare  

Updated January 2, 2021

See our video of 4 customers who tell their expereience with their Thormahlen Harp on the Swan endorsement page.

The Cygnet  

I am sooooooo thrilled!! I now have a beautiful folk gut strung cherry Cygnet. I have so very much missed playing my L&H Style 23 Concert Grand, and had to sell it because of the advancing osteoarthritis in my hands, but the Cygnet is that and more with out the high tension!! The tone is so lush, rich, and warm!! I am so excited to have it right before my busy season. The harp is beautiful to look at and the tone is awesome!!! What a wonderful harp you all make!!
- Cynthy Johnson, Virginia (Cynthy and her cherry Cygnet)

See Cynthy with her koa Swan on the Swan endorsements page

Cynthy recently had hand surgery. If you'd like to read a little bit about that, click here.


On February 14, Joanna sent this to the Harplist:

I would like to send an e-Valentine out to Dave and Sharon.
Thanks Dave for making those gorgeous harps!!! Everywhere I go with my cherry Cygnet 36, someone always says "Hey, that harp looks like a heart! How do you get all that music out of that little harp?" Somehow, Dave knows how to build a small, light harp with a huge, lush sound....and everytime I call Sharon with another dumb question, she is always gracious and helpful. I love you guys!!!! Oh, and by the way it's just the right height so I can look over her cute little neck and see everyone in the room. She sang beautifully at my Valentines day gig. I just love my little Cygnet!
- Joanna Mell, Pennsylvania (You may have noticed Joanna on the Swan endorsements page and you'll also see her on the Serenade page as well).

When I was in the hospital, my husband brought to me a dear friend: my Cygnet harp, Lucia. She was (and still is) such a comfort. I played her whenever I could. I must tell you the patient in the next room who had Alzheimer's, was very noisy yelling and screaming, not really knowing where she was and what was happening to her. I would play my harp and she quieted right down. It was better than the any drug the nurses could have given her!! Her husband thanked me, the nurses thanked me. I was told my harp was  wonderful by so many doctors and nurses!!! I created a soothing comforting and healing atmosphere with my Lucia.
- Pam Travis, Washington (with her cherry Cygnet)

Pam's cherry Cygnet has a sister Cygnet in koa, so there are 2 Cygnets at Pam's house.


My harp, "Little Sister," lives in the family room and I sit with her in front of the TV, noodling during commercials. I can't resist striking an arpeggio as I'm walking by, letting the ringing follow me when I'm about my business. And this seems to be catching. Both of my kids can't resist her, either. I LOVE having a bass and the ability to change keys without retuning the harp. And the rich, mellow tone is so calming. Even though I'm still a beginner, Little Sister's tone calms even me while I'm playing. I've learned that harp therapy is not only for the sick and stressed listener but also for the player. She is my respite. Thank you for making a wonderful and beautiful harp.
- Lynne, New Jersey (with her maple Cygnet)


Thank you, thank you. My new harp is TRULY A WORK OF HEART!
- Donna Cribbs (her new cherry Cygnet with our new oval heron inlay)


My newest Thormahlen harp arrived yesterday and I was overwhelmed with joy! The koa wood is beautiful beyond words; the grain is rich in color and the tone that it imparts to the harp is similar to my koa Swan Deluxe – sublime! The Western red cedar soundboard is stunning and matches beautifully with the overall coloring of the harp.

This is my third Thormahlen harp and I am just as thrilled as when I received my first! The craftsmanship is par excellence, the delivery and packaging perfect, and the consistent high quality between all three of my harps is amazing!

My husband, Steve, took a quick photo of me a few hours after we had opened the the harp. I just put my arms around my harp and fell in love all over again. This harp is for me; I did not purchase it for gigging, or teaching, or any type of work. This harp is solely for me and I couldn't be more thrilled. I was going to have Steve take a formal picture of me with this harp, similar to the other pictures, but I think this picture expresses exactly how I feel about Thormahlen harps and my new harp exactly – I love it!

Thank you so very much – you both make the very best harps! Sincerely,
- Cynthy Johnson, Virginia

Finally, I can tell you that the harp is safely in my hands! It cleared customs at the start of last week. What a long journey it's had! And what a relief to open the carefully packaged box and finally meet my dream harp, in perfect condition. It is exactly the sound I had in my head – dark and silvery in the bass, rounded and sparkling in the treble. It makes me so happy. My fingers dance on the strings. I am looking forward to having more time to get to know it well. I'm sure I'm going to write again soon to tell you all about it - and I must remember to send you a picture too.

I can’t thank you and Dave enough for making this beautiful instrument for me, dealing with the complexity of sending it across the world to Australia, and being there to help me every step of the way. I am so proud to play a Thormahlen harp and I can't wait to take it out into the world to share its beautiful shape and heavenly sound with everyone. With deep gratitude,
- Tristan, Australia

I purchased a Lacewood Thormahlen Cygnet in June of 04. I am not your "most experienced" harpist ever (this is my first real harp), but I have been a classical guitarist since age 5 (I'm now 35), went to music college, and I know a bit about the tone I want, and I also know something about wood qualities. I did an "over the phone" test of all the harps Sharon had. I did not know which one she was playing. I did not pick the most expensive one, nor did I pick what I felt was the prettiest looking one. I picked the one that had "it" as far as tone was concerned. My Lacewood Cygnet is truly an instrument to behold. I cannot comment highly enough on the craftsmanship of the instrument. Being as I've owned many instruments (wood and otherwise,) I think I can comment on this aspect.
- Peggy Welty, Ohio
My new maple Cygnet sounds absolutely wonderful - I like the fact it has a lot of sustain all the way up into the high register but is still clear with lots of overtones which gives it a lively sound. It also is extremely responsive and easy to play. What a great sounding harp!
- Mollie Nichols, New York
I have owned a Thormahlen walnut Cygnet harp since October of 2005. I absolutely love it. It is the perfect thing for a beginner like me. Thank you all for making such wonderful instruments!
- Whitney Miller

I am enjoying my bubinga Cygnet so much! I receive compliments on its lovely tone at harp circle meetings and from my teacher whenever she plays it. My dog and cat faithfully curl up as close to the harp as I will allow them to while I play. At the end of my practice time, I can never resist playing just one more arpeggio to prolong the harp magic!
- Tabitha Brecke, Arizona

She came this afternoon. I can’t tell you how delighted I am. I knew I would appreciate the additional levers and more strings, (my old harp had only f’s and c’s) but I was concerned about the sound being better. Silly me!! The sound is so great. The resonance and tone is really marvelous. Only wish more people had heard the old one and could hear the difference. The smoothness of the harp is beyond any expectation. I have tuned it up and played several songs and even surprised myself that I could figure out all the flats, etc. Please convey to Dave that his work is outstanding and he should be proud. I am most pleased and look forward to a wonderful life filled with music.
- Stephanie Raphael-Nakos, Iowa

Last year, I purchased a Cygnet from Melody’s here in Texas. They had 6 lever harps and my heart gravitated to Cygnet as I did my process of eliminations. I loved the sound when I played it and the sound when I stepped back and someone else played it. I love my smaller harp; the sound is as rich as my pedal harp. My love comes when I play outside the home and I have to move a harp, the Cygnet is the first I grab. The sound and the portability win every time.
-Terry Hywari, Texas

Endorsements for Swans,  Serenades,
Ceili and Clare 

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