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In Stock 2020
Updated November 24, 2022

Thank you so much for visiting our In Stock page. We have 1 previously owned harp for sale. See pictures and description below.

We usually only make instock harps when we don't have others ordered so chances are we won't have many in stock harps for quite some time. If you have something in mind, just put your order in and we'll make it for you. If you already know what you want, please call or email us about scheduling your new harp. You don't have to have your harp totally designed and all decisions made before putting in your order. We'll help you figure out the details. The important thing is to secure a place on our build schedule, so you can have your harp sooner than later. We can always figure out the details later.

If you can, please come and visit us here in our shop and showroom. We would love for you to try out the harps we have. We always have a Ceili and a Clare since those are harps that I personally own. Or if you'd like, I can play them over the phone for you . Cell phones garble the tone so when it's time to listen to harps, you'll need to use a land line. Let us know if you'd like to come and visit so we can be sure to be here and have the harps tuned up and ready to play. Call us (541) 753-4334 or email us at harps@thorharp.com.

Dave has been so busy building harps that we have gotten ahead of schedule. Even though we have gotten lots of orders, we are now booking March of 2024. Most likely a harp ordered now will be finished before then, because when Dave gets going, sometimes he just doesn't stop, and we'll probably get ahead of schedule again but I can't promise it.

You also might like to know that the number of harps that Dave will be building are numbered. We are wanting to use up the material we have. When that's gone, I'm not quite sure what we'll do, but we may not build any more, yet we might. If you have always wanted a Thormahlen harp and thought,"some day I will get one," that "someday" is running out. So get yours soon.

Hear them played

You can hear Sharon Thormahlen play the same tune (A Rose In Winter) on 3 of the models of harps that we make: the Swan, The Cygnet, and The Serenade, made out of a variety of woods (8 harps in all). Time: 4:54 (Sorry but at the time of this video, we had not made the Ceili or Clare harps.)

This is a list of the harps played on the video clip.
1.Maple Cygnet/spruce, Folk Gut strings :33
2.Bubinga Cygnet/redwood veneered spruce, Folk Gut strings :56
3.Koa Swan, cedar veneered spruce, Folk Gut strings 1:20
4.Cherry Cygnet, cedar veneered spruce, Nylon strings 1:48
5.Walnut Cygnet, cedar, Folk Gut strings 2:16
6.Cherry Swan, spruce, Nylon strings 2:40
7.Serenade, mahogany, Nylon strings 3:07
8.Maple Swan, spruce, Nylon strings 3:35


Rosewood Granadillo Swan 36 Folk Gut Strings Redwood Soundboard, Loveland Levers, built in 1999. $4000



Here is an email testimonial I got on the last day of 2015.

Good Morning Sharon,

Happy New Year. We woke up to a white frosty morning here. My trip home was seamless, with the new baby (harp) in the back seat. The whole trip up and back was smooth and somehow powerful because this harp Dave and you made is more perfect than I could have imagined. Given that my imagination is usually impossible to satisfy, I am still resting in the joy of appreciation of your gift of creativity.

I have been playing in the hospitals since 2008. There have been about 5 harps I have bought, sold, rented and borrowed. Each one seemed fine in the beginning, but as my technique developed and my ear became more discerning I wasn’t satisfied with them …. sometimes almost….., then not !

Meeting you, being there in the studio and seeing the different pieces of wood leaning against the wall, playing and listening to all your harps and then surprisingly knowing the one I wanted…..even before it existed, makes this harp sitting here now, truly a miracle. Out if my desire, and out of your gift of creativity, it is real.

People want to touch it. One patient said it is like touching live skin. My friends stare at it, and like me, don’t have words to describe its beauty. And the sound, how can it be so bright and rich being so young? I am still getting to know her, even though there have been many experiences of being drawn into being at one with her.

Please use anything I have said for your testimonials - even though my words can’t express my gratitude for your ability to create such a work of art.

All the best this new year.

Paula Zand

Take a side trip to look at the process of inlaying pearl and the pillar inlay options. We call it Harp Jewelry. Also see some Completed Inlaid harps.

Call or email us if you're interested in one of the harps shown above or if you'd like to place an order.

Below are samples of the types of wood we most frequently use on our Swans and Cygnets. Click on wood name for more information and pictures of harps made with that wood.

maple, mahogany, walnut, cherry, bubinga, koa

Read more about these types of wood on the woods page.

The Baby Gallery!




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