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Decorated Harps

Take a look at the pillar inlay options and prices.

See the process of inlaying pearl.


A Blue Heron Oval inlay on a cherry Cygnet. ($350)

The Blue Heron Oval on a  bubinga Cygnet ($350)

Blue Heron between 2 Single Vines ($1200) and between a Lotus inlay ($600). On the right is a larger version of the Lotus inlay ($350).


Yellow Oval Rose on the pillar of a mahogany Swan ($250), and on a walnut Swan on the right.


The maple Cygnet with a Pink Oval Rose jewel, cherry Cygnet with a Pink Oval Rose and a bubinga Cygnet with a Yellow Oval Rose ($250)



A black Serenade with a White Oval Rose


Koa Cygnet with the Pink Double Roses ($350)

Bubinga, koa and walnut Cygnets with the Celtic Horse ($650)


The Claddagh features two hands clasping, a heart, and a crown which correspond to the qualities of love (the heart), friendship (the hands), and loyalty (the crown). Below is a cherry Swan with this inlay on the pillar. It will be even more beautiful as the cherry darkens.


Blond Serenade with a Single Vine Inlay ($500), mahogany Cygnet with a Double Vine Inlay ($900), and an amber Ceili with a Triple Vine Inlay and a side "squiggle" ($1400)


Close up of a walnut Cygnet with the S Jewel. ($750)


Koa Cygnet with the S Jewel ($750) and inlay around the soundboard



The Long Filagree Vine ($1500) is shown above on the front pillar of a cherry Swan and left on a bubinga Swan. We can also add a "little Squiggle" on the player's side of the pillar ($300).


Dogwood Vine ($1150) on a koa Clare and a rosewood Swan. Both have soundboard inlay. The rosewood Swan also has rosewood veneer.

A cherry Cygnet with the multi colored Dogwood Vine down the side of the pillar


On the left, walnut Swan with the yellow Rosebud inlay, in the middle, a white Rosebud inlay and on the right the Single Rose on the side of the pillar.

On the right the pink Rosebud inlay on cherry Swan pillar, Yellow Rosebud on a walnut Swan and a close-up of the Single Rose on the side of a walnut pillar ($1700 for the Rosebud inlay and $350 for the Single Rose)


The Ring Vine devided between the front pillar and side pillar on the Koa Royal Hawaiian Deluxe Swan


Bubinga Swan with Filagree inlay on the pillar ($2000) and a "squiggle" inlay on the side of the pillar ($400). Squiggle prices vary depending on the intricacy of the squiggle.


The Tree Of Life inlay ($2000) on the pillar of a koa harp with inlay around the soundboard ($1000)

On the left, the Tree Of Life inlay with abalone floweretes, on the right, all in white, both on walnut Swans ($2000)


Never have we had so many gorgeous and intricate inlays in 1 batch of harps. What you see below are 3 T-braces sitting on top of a soundbox inlaid with abalone trim. The T-braces are the front showpiece of the Swan. On the left is a bubinga T-brace with a double Filagree Vine,, a cherry T-brace with an Oval Blue Heron flanked by 2 Single Vines and on the right a rosewood T-brace with a mulit-colored Dogwood Vine.

Now here are the harps plus a couple of others in our showroom.

From left to right:

1. Rosewood Swan with a Dogwood inlay, soundboard inlay and rosewood veneer;

2. Cherry Swan with Cygnet feet, Blue Heron Oval with the Single Vine on top and bottom, spruce veneer;

3. Koa Swan with the Filagree Vine, soundboard inlay and cedar veneer;

4. Bubinga Swan with Long Filagree Vine, soundboard inlay, spruce veneer;

5. Walnut Swan with Rosebud inlay, dark cedar veneer


Take a look at the pillar inlay options and prices.

See the process of inlaying pearl .


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