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Valley of the Dragon

Newly recorded by Dave and Sharon

A truly magical musical story that tells of what happens when a dragon wakes up  
from 100 years of slumber. 
You don't have to slay the dragon when 
a hero with a harp can save the day!

A story collaboration of mother, Sharon and daughter, Rosiee!


Cover by Trueleah Sheppard


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CD - $14.00 includes shipping
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How did this CD happen?

  My daughter, Rosiee Thor, a published author, approached me in September of 2021 with an idea to write a story about a harpist and a dragon. She asked me if I would like to write some music for it. Of course, I said “Yes! I would love to.” 
      She gave me a prologue for a book that she is planning to write someday in the future, and that became the inspiration for this music and the story. For the next year I was continually visited by my muse writing a total of 13 tunes and naming them with the phrases from the prologue. 
      I then took Rosiee’s prologue and created a new story with a musical program that can be used in it’s entirety or pared down for a shorter program. Rosiee doesn’t know if she will ever actually write this book, but I am happy with the music and story that we created together. 
     We then recorded this at the Cedar House in Alpine, Oregon, a beautiful setting up in the hills above Monroe. Aryeh Frankfurter was the recording engineer. We did the recording in 1 day recording each tune 3 times and moving a few parts around during the mixing process to make it the best it can be. We later mastered it with Paul Bezanson in Salem, Oregon.

Songs include: 
Valley of the Dragon 
Shamrock, Amber and Ivory 
The Dragon Wakes
The Kingdom's Bravest 
A Wing of Alder and Ash
Field of the Dead 
The Cloudy Sky Has Opened
The Harper's Hands
The Dragon's Tail
The Dragon Sleeps
The Hero's Song
With A Song, Not A Sword 
A Glint of Yellow Light

Hi Sharon,
"What lovely melodies you’ve created! I really get the sense of being in a fable about dragons when I listen to the songs. I’d like to learn to play several of them." Christine Kidd, Salem, Oregon


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