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Binding on the Serenade and Ceili ($300-500)


Even though most of the pictures on this page are the Serenade, it applies to the Ceili as well.

A Flatback Natural Blond Serenade with maple binding on the front and back (left photo). A Black Semi Staved with maple binding on the front (right photo). This blond Serenade has a maple pillar.

The Semi Staved Back Serenade or Ceili can have maple binding on the front but not on the back.


Custom Soundboard, Top block and woodtrim binding ($400-$600)

You can design the trim work on your Sereande or Ceili. This includes the binding around the soundboard, around the back of a flatback Serenade or Ceili and the top block which is right at the very top of the soundboard where it meets the neck.

Options include: Rosewood, Walnut, Koa, Bubinga, Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, Walnut and possibly others.


The above Amber Serenade on the left has a Koa top block and Bubinga soundboard trim; the black Ceili on the right has a Rosewood top block with Rosewood and Maple trim.


This customer wanted an unstained natural blond soundboard on her Serenade (this is a picture of the old style Serenade, the new design looks like the Ceili harp below). Dave used a Bubinga wood trim next to the maple binding to match the Chestnut stain on the harp. ($500)

Below is another example of the 2-toned harp. This one is a Walnut Ceili with a Chestnut soundboard, maple binding and top block. ($500)

Below is another rendition of this beautiful harp:

You can see more of this harp here



As a comparison, above is a Blond Serenade on the left with binding and on the right and without binding. The top block on the left is maple and the top block on the right is mahogany. And also you can see a Chestnut Ceili without binding on the left and with maple binding and top block on the right.

Below is a Walnut Serenade (our older style, the new design looks like the Chestnut Ceilis in the above picture) with binding on the front and the back and a maple top block on the left and without binding and a walnut stained mahogany top block on the right.


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