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Moon Over the Mountain

Moon Over The Mountain

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I started backpacking with my parents when I was a teenager and now it is a favorite activity that my husband, Dave, and I love to do in the summertime. Being in the solitude of the mountains surrounded by the beauty of the flowers, trees, rivers, creeks, and the snowcapped peaks and canyons is an astoundingly spiritual experience. The tunes in this book are a reflection of the many places we have been over the years. Check out photos and some narrative of our backpacking trips. Lots of photos inspired the names of the tunes in the book. See how many you can find.

Here is an excerpt of one of the pieces in the book.

There are so many unnamed creeks in the mountains that we decided to name one of them Sweeten Creek after a place in North Carolina that we dearly love for its beauty, friendship, and fabulous BBQ!

This book was reviewed in the most Summer 2012 Folk Harp Journal by Denise Grupp-Verbon. Here's what she said:

"Sharon Thormahlen continues to create delightful, playable compositions and Moon Over the Mountain is no exception. Each composition includes a little description. Alpenglow for example explains what the Alpenglow is and Misty Meadow tells of the morning dew in the meadow. Chord symbols are included in each of the compositions which are two to four pages each. In addition to the solo, there is a bonus arrangement for Alpenglow for melody instrument in C (flute, for example) and harp. Special features in this collection include dynamics, rolled chords, syncopated rhythms, a touch-dam chord and a gliss or two. Keys include F, C, G, D and a couple of modal tunes. There are no lever changes and no suggested fingerings are indicated. Highly recommended, along with the rest of Sharon's collections!"

I'm enjoying the harp books I purchased from you at the Harp Gathering. Especially the Moon Over the Mountain with little comments at the end of the songs explaining the purpose that inspired its creation. That is such a great way to help invoke the proper feelings for expressing the music. I had felt for a while that my playing was ok but dull and not expressive, and this really helped me to learn how to be expressive when playing. Maris Whetstone

Sharon, I was just again playing “Misty Meadow” from your Moon Over the Mountain book, and I have to tell you how much I love this piece. It is just beautiful and the rhythms are nice and catchy. I think I am becoming addicted to it. What a way to end a day – treating myself by playing this piece! Ellie Holsopple

I am listening to your Live from the Harp Shop CD and "The Night Sky" really grabbed me. I had to get my concertina out of the box and try to play along, fun. Marlene Stein, Idaho

I am 'over the moon' with excitement today! I discovered "The Night Sky" and the gorgeous 'clarion' tones of those first few bars of harmonics. I can get them!! ...and it sounds as though I'm playing bells. I called my hubby over to listen. As much as he loves and supports me in my harp adventure, he even sat down beside me to hear the whole song being sight-read, I might add. He just isn't 'swinging from the rafters' the way I am over having discovered my harps harmonics! ;)
I don't quite understand why, but I can learn your pieces so quickly and struggle forever with other versions. No matter how much I practice they never sound very good, but usually a few playings of yours and I'm good to go. Lorainne Wiwcharr

Another email from Lorainne:
Well, I've heard it said that you should never let a generous thought go unspoken, so I just wanted you to know that I was fairly 'burnt out' by the time Christmas was over. I worried that my year's honeymoon with the harp had come to an end and I was now trying to figure out how to 'rekindle' the flame.
This morning, I filed my Christmas binder and pulled out my Favourites and the first thing it opened to was Moon Over the Mountain. I discovered things I'd missed previously, i.e. the repeat an octave higher, and was once again enchanted by your beautiful music. Then I went to Misty Meadows and my imagination soared! I love the way you play the 'whole harp', the lowest strings and the highest! I thoroughly enjoyed working on those pieces and heaved a huge sigh of relief for Sharon who has once again kindled the passion for playing my harp! :)
I hope you have a fabulous day!
Sincerely much love,

Just wanted to express my gratitude at the beautiful musical compositions that you share with the world through your books of original music. I recently bought Moon over the Mountain and Sweepin' the Clouds Away and am so enjoying playing from these books. I look forward to adding some of these new tunes to my hospice repertoire, and I can't wait to play some of these tunes for my Harpers Hall friends. Your music just keeps getting better!
Mary David

My friend, Maria's first harp book of yours that she brought to our Monday and Wednesday 3 hour practices (1/2 hour break) at my house was "Moon Over the Mountain". My sister and I then purchased your book so we would be able to play your songs in the book with Maria. We practiced and played 4 songs, "Lilacs & Lavender", Moon Over the Mountain" , "The Bride's Bouquet" and "Alpenglow" duet, Maria loved.
Gail Mcewen

Here's Earl Newman working on the cover one afternoon in December, 2011. Using one of his own silk screens, a photo of Mount Jefferson and a picture of wild flowers in the Mount Jefferson Wilderness area, he was able to come up with the perfect cover art for this book.





Here are the results of that afternoon. Earl took it home and it went from the sketch on the left to the finished cover on the right! I love it. Everytime I look at it I wish I could jump into the picture just like Dick Van Dyke and the kids did in Mary Poppins! This is an actual place so I really can go there. It is facing Mount Jefferson at Russel Lake in Jefferson Park. I'm sure we will go there this summer.

The book is $15. Now available with an audio CD accompaniment ($5).

The names of the tunes in the book are:

Lilacs & Lavender
Moon Over the Mountain 
Misty Meadow
Redwood Waltz
The Brides Bouquet
Out of the Clouds
Van Gogh Canyon
Sweeten Creek
The Night Sky
Alpenglow Duet (bonus feature)
Alpenglow Flute Part 


There are no lever changes and the tunes start in F (Alpenglow) and go up to D (The Night Sky). My flute/composition student, Jessica, (whom you may know as J. B. Urey from The Lone Egret book) and I worked on a duet for Alpenglow and decided to include it in this book as a bonus.


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Ordering information:
All of these books are available directly from Thormahlen Harps. If you don't want to order through PayPal, no problem just email me or call me (541 753-4334) and I'll work up the invoice for you. You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

Moon Over The Mountain

For international sales, please email me.

For international sales, please email me.


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